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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


I’m on Amazon trying to get a life 

But not quite sure what to type in the search engine?

Can I get free shipping?

If I’m not happy can I return it?

See I’m the type of person, if I don’t like something, I’ll leave a bad review 

So don’t test my prime baby 

I ain’t the one 


Love is in the hair

But can you feel what’s real?

Or do you just see the highlights? 

We hide in our heads to avoid living 

Living in embarrassment of the bodies our souls wear

No designer bag can carry that weight 

Yet we continue to try

Try what never worked 

Hoping to get a different result 

Why do we do this?


We’re not comfortable with us 

It makes no sense

Why do we lease what we can own?

Why do we settle for pretending? 

Pretending to be an ugly version of ourselves

The beauty in our authentic is so gorgeous 

It deserves more light than causal Friday 


Painful is the path to acceptance 

That’s why we spend so much on therapy 

Who knows how to save face?

How to switch pace in a savage space 

But that’s the magic in high art


We’re the canvass without a museum 

Everyday seeking a new wall to hang from 

As we drip with living color, the people at Sotheby’s bid on us

What’s the going rate for insecurity?

Whatever it is, they’ll tell us 


I’m just articulating what we both feel

What we’re both too ashamed to say

Am I right?

I’m mean let’s be real,

Am I right?


What do we do, when we don’t know what to do?

Dive into the matrix of course

Let us get lost on tiktok

Admiring the lives of other fools

Envying the relationships of other people 

Faking a life that they too have never found

But at least now, we know some cool make up tricks 


Who taught us to turn off our instincts?

There’s always been an allure for the dangerous 

Dream big then die snoring

You deserve to feel good

Feel good and celebrate your truth 

Don’t buy their definition of beauty 

Even on sale, It’s too expensive 


Stay wild at heart 

Soak up the waters of life 

You don’t need dream cream to imagine 

Imagine the little girl in you

The little girl with curl power 

Resurrect that feisty spoiled princess who didn’t care 

Didn’t care what anyone thought 

You can be her again 

If you want to,

You can be her again

Just tell me and I’ll bring the crayons 


Why do we attempt to write new chapters 

New chapters with the same old story 

With the same old people who never understood us

Hoping to end up on the red carpet

Hoping someone will discover

Discover in us what we’ve never found 

We’re just kung Foo Fighters, kicking for breath

Like Taylor Hawkins, drumming to death 

The rhythm of insecurity…