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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


Must the past dictate my access?

My access to the untouched corners of you

How long must we swim? 

Swim in the cesspool of their betrayals

Pain is charging us by the hour 

The clock is ticking 

And neither one of us can afford it


What’s the going rate for lies?

If I’m paying for them, can I at least get a discount?

Can I use Apple Pay?

Where’s the profit in pretending?

Schools never taught us

Never taught us the commerce of intimacy 

Therefore our relationships are bankrupt


Should lovers have a credit score?

Before we decide to get serious, 

should each of us require loan approval?

How much of each other can we borrow?

What’s the payment plan?

A wish without collateral is a fantasy 

Let us love only at the spending limits that we are willing to repay

For we cannot embezzle the riches of love

What’s the profit in stealing from ourselves?


Devotion pays interest 

Recouped in the currency of commitment 

The gold today is emotional connection 

But who’s willing to invest in loyalty?


If trust was money, what’s your net worth?

Is there enough Bitcoin in your wallet to retire with the one you love?

How would the accountant categorize your relationship?

Is the one you want an asset or liability?

Let us look closely at the financial statement 


Games are too expensive 

The wise sell the fake and the rich buy real 

For Fire is tangible

Passion, a commodity 

Intensity, the rare diamond that never loses value 


What does Karl Marx know about romance?

In our affairs of the heart, let us all be merchants 

All be investors 

All be entrepreneurs 

Lets us all be capitalists manufacturing the product of love

The commerce of intimacy…