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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


We both long to connect with someone 

Not just anyone, but someone 

Someone who gets us 

For us to establish that type of connection

That deep level of connection

We’re going to have to find a way to trust each other 

Trust each other with the ugly

The ugly remnants of our past 

Not just our past, but who we are now

The not so pretty

The not so glamorous

The things that are painful, difficult, and super embarrassing


We’ll have to dive into the emotional skeletons 

We’ll have to crawl under the bed and see what’s under there

Really under there

That’s what it’s going to take

Take for us to have the type of connection 

The one we both say we want to have

Are you sure you want this?


We’re both a bit timid

A bit skittish 

It’s understandable, since we’ve both been hurt 

Both of us betrayed and let down

The trauma’s real 

I won’t deny it

But we don’t have to live this way 

Not anymore 

We could do something different 


When most people think of naked, they think of it physically 

But what about emotionally?

Have you ever really undressed emotionally?

I mean all the way down to nothing 

That’s where I get my arousal 

That’s where you’ll feel the most alive  


Not just the lust of the flesh  

Let’s penetrate each other’s mind 

There’s nothing more sexier than a person comfortable in their own skin

That’s the type of intimacy I think we’re both looking for

Searching for

Dying for

Am I right?


What would be the hardest thing for you to share with me?

I mean the one where you’d struggle to look me in the eye as you told me?

Could you own that one with me?

Own it with nothing to hide behind

That type of vulnerability sets living ablaze 


Let’s burn together 

Share our truths together 

I want to see the corners of your mind

The ones that have never been swept

Will you show them to me?

Are you sure you want this?

This deep of a connection

Lots of people say they do

But do you really want it?

Want it enough to risk being exposed 

Completely exposed in front of me?

Are you sure?

Don’t just say that 

Only say it if you mean it 

Are you sure?


Let’s make a pact

Whatever your truth is, just own it

Don’t sugar coat it

Don’t make excuses for it

Just be real with me

However you feel, just convey that

I promise as long as it’s real

As long as it’s your truth 

I won’t judge you

Let us only judge one another by the amount of truth we’re willing to reveal 

The amount of honesty we’re willing to sit in

Sit in and not run from

Let us stand in the center of our own authentic self and say “This is who I am!

This is who I am and I make no apologies for it!”

Isn’t it true that both of us want that?

Don’t you want to be seen by someone?


Not just seen, but known beneath the skin 

Beneath the surface

Beneath the facades and charades 

Beneath the lies we’ve grown so accustom to wearing 

Who are you under there?

Can I see?


No one even knows us

The real us

That’s why we need this

That’s why we need us

We both need someone to share our ugly with 

Someone who has the same type of ugly 

Only we can see that type of ugly for the beauty that it really is

Can you commit to this dynamic?

The type of connection that two people breathe as one?

Does that scare you?

Are you too afraid to open up to me?


If you’re not ready to do this

Have this

Have this with me, then I understand 

But lies don’t make good lovers 

Half truths won’t cure the emptiness  

Your shoulders weren’t meant to carry the weight 

The weight that comes with pretending to be someone else 

I’ve been in too many relationships like that

Where the person wasn’t ready 

I’m not interested in doing that 

Not anymore

I’m want something real 

Something on fire 

Something burning inside 

I want to know that I’m alive 

How about you?


Wouldn’t it be easier to just let go?

Let go and be you?

You can trust me

Can I trust you?

Are you sure?

Be straight with me


If we do this

There’s going to be some times, 

Some times when you’re going to want run

‘Cause I’m going to hold up the mirror

The inner mirror

It won’t be easy

But I’m going to help you see what you can’t see without me

What I see from where I’m standing 

The things that you’ve been too scared too look at

We’ll look at them together 

Then vice versa 

You can hold up the mirror for me 


O’ what liberation 

This will free us both from the inner prisons 

The ones that we’ve chosen to hide in for so long 

As I said before, I won’t judge you 

But I will hold you accountable to you 

The real you

And you can do the same for me

We’ll challenge each other 

Challenge each other to be who we really are

To be authentic



And to get comfortable with that version of ourselves


It’s time that we embrace the flaws and imperfections 

To frame them differently 

To see them accurately 

To see them for what they really are

They’re gifts 

Unique gifts that make us, us 

Everyone won’t appreciate them

But we’re not called to everyone 

The right one 

The right one will see us

See how gorgeous we look draped down in them 

I see you 

Can you see me?


Come into the light with me

Let’s do something different 

Do something crazy

Let’s tear down the walls and storm the souls of one another 

No defenses 

No curtains 

No walls

No protection 

Just you and I standing there 

Standing there together in emotional nakedness 


Let us dive down 

Down into the core of each other’s very existence

At the energy level 

The vibrational level

Where you can feel my acoustics 

Where I can feel your waves

Don’t be scared

Just dance beneath the rhythm  

The rhythm of our sound 

Our truth 

Touch my spectrum

Hold my light 

Let my fingers trace your colors

As we explode like supernovas 


The intensity created from us being this honest, will frighten you 

Really frighten you 

I just want to warn you 

Warn you ahead of time 

Don’t freak out 

Don’t run

Just let the fears pass through you 

Pass over you like California waves 

They won’t last long 

Once gone, the passion will begin to arise 

All traces of the lukewarm will be eradicated 

We’ll be like massive emotional Jupiters 

The gravity of our connection will pull us back into the oven

The creative oven from which we came 


This time, we’ll melt into one substance 

Our two will become one 

Blended and welded emotionally 

Emotionally in such a way that we could never breathe apart

We’ll become addicted 

Addicted to sharing our hidden with each other 

Both emotional druggies seeking the next high 

The next high from discovering something new about the other 

Are you sure you want this?

This deep of a connection?


Lots of people say they want it

But do you really want it?

Want it enough to expose yourself?

Completely expose yourself in front of me

Are you sure?

Really sure?

Don’t just say that 

Only say it if you mean it


Isn’t it true?

True that both of us long to be understood?

Understood by someone 

Can I be your someone?

Will you be that someone for me?


I’m so grateful 

Grateful that I found you 

Are you as excited as I am?

This is what it’s going to take

Take for us to have the type of connection 

The one we both say we want to have

Are you sure you want this?

Really want this

Are you willing to risk it all to have it all?

Naked and Vulnerable…

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