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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks


Like beautiful little fools
We dance in attempt to turn lead into gold
Our thoughts the fire that burn away impurities
Who can understand the omens?
Let us sit at the feet of shadows
For there, we will learn what not to do


Like young gorgeous souls
We court the wings of ruin
How did we become slaves in a realm of lies?
Somehow, we forgot the land of plenty that we came from
We gave into the whispers that said play it safe
And now, we choke on the the regret of not following our hearts
We gave up our passions for the illusion of safety
Waving the white flag of surrender like scared soldiers
Covered in shame, haunted by the the dreams never pursued
Our days a prison of our own making
Shall there ever be parole for a soul who succumbed to fear?
The life sentence of cowards is having to rent the air one breathes
Others now own the days that we pretend to live
These ruthless landlords buying our time for nothing
There was so much promise, so much potential
But the ghosts of failure robbed us of tomorrow
The monsters of rejection paraded through the halls of our mind
As we sought desperately for a 9 to 5 to hide
Our moments, now empty of purpose
Our bodies, just a shell of what could of been
Wasting the hours on social distractions
Hoping somehow to forget the child in us who believed
Yet this way of living was not forced upon us, we chose it
Yet this way of living was not forced upon us, we chose it
Now let us bow our heads, in memory, of the flame that once burned within us…

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  1. Nykita Buchanan says:

    Hi, Dr. Billy AlsBrooks
    Wings of Ruin is dynamic and deep. I enjoyed how our words flow pen to paper. I’m looking forward to the whole book. I’d like to learn more from you on how to write a better book this second time around in how you place our words just so.

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