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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


Who looks for what’s already found?

Who searches for that which is not missing?

The secret to being born is to get lost 

Lost on a small country road 


Pull over and just lay down 

Lay down next to the tree

Everything you need to know, the leaves will tell you 

Whatever you are, will be exposed 

Whatever you are, will smile


Get lost in the middle of a city, then sit down

Sit down right there on the sidewalk 

Find the center of activity and plant yourself there

The cars passing 

The cracks on the concrete

The feet marching by

These are the prophets that hold the key to your discovery 

Become the child of their teachings 

Become the student of their ways 


Everything is everything

Everything is the only thing 

The only thing that can make sense of anything 

Listen to the whisper, for it has much to say 

Much to show you 

Much to give you 

These things will be required for the journey 


How much of you is really you?

Just going through the motions is not living  

Learn to embrace the simplicity of not needing anything but the moment 

There, you’ll find out what’s real

What’s for sale and what isn’t 


Embrace your truth

Then throw away the plastic 

Rid yourself of all the illusions and things that you’ve hid behind 

The lies you live won’t save you 

They only prolong the suffering 


The need to know is your drug of choice

You’re addicted to its false sense of security 

But you don’t need all the answers right now

Just take the step

Trust the arms of destiny 

Take the step

The only thing not safe is playing it safe

Just take the step 

The Velocity of Clairvoyance…


From the upcoming book

Burning: The Inner Symphony of Fire

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