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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


My beautiful one

So gorgeous that even germs stop to stare

Come dive into the boundless with me

Let’s grab life by the chopsticks and dip it in soy

I’ve got a practical plan to conquering the world 

Will you join me on this journey of soul discovery?


Do your lips feel at home kissing me?

Do your hands fit perfectly in mine?

Can we pretend that we never had other lovers

That our arms never separated from the stars?

I want you to want me to save you 

Where our passion becomes the ministry of the future 

Both of us bowing at the alter of desire

Our every breath seeking the deepest fulfillment 

As we shun the machines of common living 

May we return to the intimacy of animals 

Sinking our nails into each other’s flesh 

In public, acting as though we’re invisible

Never embarrassed to express the uncontrollable cravings 

Many times skipping dinner to chew on one another 


I don’t care who reads this 

Maybe they need to know that it’s possible to get lost 

Lost in love with another starving soul

That playing it safe in relationships is over 

That fire, passion, and connection are trending 

We don’t need permission to make love the way it should be made

Just find a bed of hashtags and lay down

Lay down on the sheets of truth and go viral


My fingers seek to own you

Possess you without the jealousy and insecurities 

I want to purchase your forever with the currency of my mouth

To live a love restrained is perversion 

Is there any glory in hiding emotionally?

We can’t fear the other hurting us 

Boldness is required to climb the stairs of ecstasy

We’ll never see freedom if we’re consumed with hesitations


My eyes long to see your wrists bonded 

Your neck subdued as I lead you back home

There’s nothing shameful about being real

Being authentic with someone whom your world orbits 

Whom the sun begs to borrow his light from

Shall we not attempt to be vulnerable with one another?

Exposed so wide that our hearts could never close again 

Never beat again for another 


Can we find the child within us?

Can trust not protect us just as much as hurt us?

Let’s hide in each others lungs 

May every cell in our blood be tainted with the other 

Our moments the virus which has no cure 

So contagious that our exhales infect others 

The devotion between us like new born butterflies 

Butterflies that know not rain 

Only the wind beneath their wings 

Only allegiance to the clouds 

Only days that bless them with warmth 

Let us join their righteous ballet 

Nature’s symphony of togetherness 


May our spirits never know walls

May the roads to intimacy never be closed 

Can we forget the pain and trauma others have caused?

Can we NOT pollute our seconds with the stench of yesterday’s betrayals?

I want to run my fingers through your hair

As I press your face up against mine 

Gently tilting your head back 

so that I can inhale the perfume you’re wearing 

I love the way you prance around on my spirit 

The way you get lost when my tongue says I love you to yours 


I can sense the wind stirring 

Can you feel it?

Come dive into the boundless with me

Let us dance like new born butterflies

Let us join their righteous ballet 

Nature’s symphony of togetherness…