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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


I arose from The Valley of Madness

Despised for the size of my ambitions 

Chastised for my courage to chase the sun

Mocked for being a citizen of Believe-Land

Spit on for refusing to conform 

Yet fate has an army of conspirators 

Constantly conspiring to usher in the vision 

The dream born out of the belly of heaven’s soul

That which cannot be seen knows my name 

Our conversations shaping the boundaries of tomorrow 

Outside the understanding of simple mortals 

Beyond the thinking of the common man

For there is nothing common about my destiny 

I shall take my place upon the soap box

My words shall radiate from the speaker’s corner 

Blaring around the globe with intent and purpose 

I came to restore the order, but I must use dynamite to do it 

But I must use dynamite to do it

Explosive is the soul who has awoke to his calling 

He shall command the skies and her brave armies

For they all have been waiting for this moment 

The moment where conscious guerrillas swarm the land

Like locusts eating the doubts and fears of men

Undeniable feet that walk the impossible 

My resolve unwavering, for the day has come

Let us pronounce the coming of the Lord

No longer shall we look to the stars for what’s in our hearts

As we awaken, the messiah is resurrected 

He stands by the olive trees of our awareness 

The great I AM breathes deep within us

Be not afraid to exhale the stresses of a blind world 

Let go of all that they’ve taught you 

Step down into the river of revelation 

Understand the ways of the unstoppable 

Seek the halls of ancient knowledge 

Know the ways that produce the legends 

Learn the sermon of the eagles above

Study the hands of compassion and love 

Bow not to the laws of limitations 

For her ignorant scientists have yet to uncover 

Uncover the truth, the truth that destiny obeys 

May we not die ignorant of the way

May our days know not the fruit of corrupt thinking 

But rather let our minds burn with righteousness 


Come now, for the fields are ready 

Come now, for the fields are ready 

Harvest of Dreams…