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8 Things I’m doing during this time of World Uncertainty: 

8 Things I’m doing during this time of World Uncertainty: 

8 Things I’m doing during this time of World Uncertainty:


1. Immersing myself in the word of God, studying the wisest philosophers who ever lived, and dedicating my studies to those who achieved massive success throughout history. I don’t watch the news at all, and instead I have re-established a discipline of going into deep multi-hour long study sessions. 

2. Constantly Examining all the massive financial opportunities to invest in right now. (Panic=Financial Opportunity)

3. Doing more vision planning for the future of the Blessed And Unstoppable movement. Booking more and more cities across the globe to bring the seminar/tour to. (Impact 1 Billion People)

4. Glorifying God by Being bolder than ever in all phases of life. Showing the church body as a whole, and the rest of the world, that we are to exemplify God’s power during times of crisis, not bow to panic/fear. We must aggressively show the world what faith really looks like.

5. Staying hyper focused. Broken focus is the number one reason for failure. Times like this are full of noise and distractions that aim to pull your attention and power away from pursuing your dreams. I am consolidating my mind, body, spirit, and emotions into deeper alignment with God. I’ve stayed the course with my workout regiment, and have actually increased the intensity.

6. Praying for everyone I come into contact with, and visualizing their life full of victory in every area. 

7. Meditating, envisioning, and seeing myself already achieving my massive goals and legacy objectives. I am moving my mind closer and closer to success with each thought.

8. Asking myself what are the top 3 things that each of the greats throughout history would be doing during this time? (How would Jesus be responding right now? How would the greatest financial geniuses of history be positioning themselves? How would the most charismatic leaders of history be leading during this time? How can I add more value to the world?)

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Blessed And Unstoppable

(The Movement)

Impact 1 Billion People

Jeremiah 29:11