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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


Virgin skies

With my eyes closed I soar through the dream circus 

Music with teeth chewing on my ears

Engaged in thought wars with my ambitions 

Having poetic affairs with the greatest words ever written 

Having intimate conversations with the greatest writers who’ve ever breathed

Indeed, to be a clown in this parade is an honor 

You have to get lost to receive this coveted invitation 

Are you willing to leave everything that you know?

Do you want it bad enough to destroy it all?

Does your vision haunt you to the point of madness?

Are you more afraid of regret than dying?

Stars cannot shine on the ground 

Therefore there’s no chair for me except the sky

There’s a difference between wanting fame and being born for it 

There’s a difference between being on a plane and actually having wings 

I hear the symphony of greatness  blaring in my soul

It drowns out the noise and confusion of mediocrity 

I know exactly what I want and why I want it

I know exactly where I’m going and what I must do to get there

For destiny has airdropped her secrets to my iPhone

Her secret alchemy of creation is saved on my iCloud 

I’ve conquered time, I’ve conquered fear and doubt 

I’ve been adopted by the masters and I exhale their ways

My mouth a chorus of fire that burns through walls

My imagination the army that has never been defeated 

For I have sat at heaven’s table and discussed her plans 

She has grafted me into her creative family of warriors 

The words I convey are not mine, although I own them

The lines I write are not mine, yet I live them 

No longer shall I drown with the dead

No longer shall I hide from the shadows in fear 

I command the storms 

I orchestrate the music 

I lead the mutiny 

I am the Revolution 

I am the bridge that stands 

I am the water that flows

I am the match that sparks change 

I am what attracts fame

The big truth in a small town

The small town that had no eyes 

The eyes that succumb to lies

The lies that were scared to look up

The light that you could not see burned it all down 

I was the big truth in that small town

But I chose the sky, the virgin sky

Come, let us ride the Ferris wheel

Welcome to the dream circus…