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Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 


Blake whispered to me as his adopted son of revelation

His lips dancing with words of fire, as he masterfully etched his angelic visions

This existence is unknown to the shallow minds of our generation

He scribbled divine words in an ancient language that I knew not of

But his cadence carried me past the smile of gold, grafting me into the lost alchemy of creative thought


With my soul shaking from the brutal 19th century cold

I sat on the edge of discovering genius

He said to me in an angry Beethoven tone, “It’s hard to burn in a frozen world

Pretty feathers don’t make the bird innocent, just as waxed filled ears refuse to listen

Let us go into the forests of antiquity to meet those who betrayed Caesar” 

Their hands still bloody from betrayal, they turn their backs on the unwanted

While my new daddy guided me through the eternal madness 

I could hear the choir of doubt singing their opera of fears

But it did not shake or rattle Master Blake 

He continued to teach me the forgotten secrets of realm design


“Young son of tomorrow, in order to build the kingdom, you must overcome the need for applause from souls who never lived

The flesh addiction, of having the dead’s approval, will stalk you like wolves at night

They aim to sink their teeth of conformity into your young skull

They lust to feed on your virgin spirit

Broken focus gives birth to failure, so keep your eyes on the promises of tomorrow

Speak confidently to the ghosts that no one sees

Converse deeply with the dreams of your Alexander heart

And kiss the wet lips of your obedient shadow

For one day, you shall be married to destiny and all her mistresses you’ve made love to 

Your noble offspring shall call you Augustus, each one a loyal subject to the empire

They shall bow at the royal feet of your thought

They shall bow at the royal feet of your thought…”