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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


I’m not here anymore 

My hands are no longer mine 

The spirit does the writing 

Does the speaking

Does the walking 

My feet hike a stranger’s path

I know I live 

Live in some realm

Somewhere I exist 

Exist in the fog 

But I’m not here, definitely not here 

Not anymore 


I wake up in places

In spaces and poetic phrases 

Scribbling prophetically 

Constructing sentences that have seen the face of God

Unaware of how I even got there 

Unaware of where the words even came from

My signature sits at the bottom 

But the paper doesn’t know me


I’m a prisoner 

Prisoner of the creative forces 

Just a slave 

Slave to their burning voices 

Their thoughts 

The thoughts behind the thoughts 

They think through me

Speak through me

Live through me

I do what they tell me to do 

‘Cause I’m not here 

Not anymore

It’s as though I don’t exist

As if my lungs forgot to breathe 

But I’m not here, definitely not here 

Not anymore 


How did I get here?

My hands never touched the wheel 

Yet I woke up

Woke up in my car on the other side of town

Trapped in the haze 

A mental daze that overcomes me

Numbs me to that fact that I’m a hostage 

Hostage to the illucid visions I keep having 


I’m not asleep

But the dreams seem to dream themselves

They Imagine for me

They long to be born through me 

So anxious 

Anxious to come into the world of chaos 

My notebooks filled with their ramblings

My word photos capturing their shadows

I can’t stop them

I can’t resist them

I can’t even see them 

Yet they stand where I used to stand

They convey in a language 

A language that I never spoke

They use me to do their bidding 

To do their living 

And I let them 

Cause I’m not here

I’m definitely not here 

Not anymore 

The Inner Symphony of Fire…