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Poem By: Billy Alsbrooks 


Let’s take a journey through the shadowlands 

With infinite eyes I see their nothing 

Too many diabetic minds in a sugar world 

But who has dominion over their pallet?


Flying horses doing dirty dances 

Their truth makes the underground appealing 

We’re all one in spirit but can’t speak the language 

But who can read the omens with chopsticks?


History’s so stubborn with her side of things 

None of us can even get a word in

Oxford street bursts with ideas

But who knows what happens next?


Blake’s Jerusalem the key of all keys 

But hotel doors require Bluetooth  

Gold looks good on you the old man said 

But who wears the treasures within?


Voodoo lines swallow the tourists 

Rainy days embrace their defiance 

These old buildings tell a thousand stories 

But who can close Pandora’s box?


London sass wearing uptown gowns

Their designer heals no match for the homeless 

The dirt on these streets their precious Crown Jewels 

But who knows how to have a conversation?

Who can look up from their phone long enough to connect?

Who can make us feel without emojis?

Let’s get back to basics 

Let’s get back to love 

Let’s resurrect the music

Let’s breathe the poetry 

Who dare stare into the moment with me?

Who can stay focused with all the distractions?

When does today become tomorrow?

When is now a good time???

Honestly I don’t mind

Will you ask me?

Yes you, will you ask me…