Your 5 Point Blueprint For Victory! – Dr. Billy Alsbrooks


Here is Your 5 Point Blueprint For Victory!

(Deuteronomy 20:1-4)

    (ROMANS 15:4, 2 TIMOTHY 3:16, PROVERBS 24:6)

• Wisdom is the key to every victory.
Wisdom is truth consistently walked out with discipline.
Wisdom consists of 3 parts: Truth (The Word), Wise Counsel, and Revelation through the Holy Spirit.

• Find out what the word says about your situation.
A disciplined mind, rooted in truth, can do the impossible.
Wars are won or lost before the soldiers every hit the battlefield.
Victory hinges on two things: Preparation and Resolve

• Select 2-3 verses to be your foundation for Victory.
God will give you a verse that will unlock your breakthrough.

• Truth is the attire for war, drape yourself down in it. The amount of truth you bring into war will determine your outcome.

(MATT. 17:20, 1 JOHN 5:4, MATT. 15:28)

• Unwavering Faith ignites the anointing.
Unwavering faith is to consistently believe in the unseen. The anointing is unmerited favor, wrapped in unlimited power, that’s designed to produce supernatural outcomes. The purpose of these outcomes is to bring God glory. Our victories bring attention to the kingdom.

• Real Faith allows truth to manifest itself.
Faith is the only language spoken in heaven, so it’s the only language that the universe responds to.
Real faith grants truth unlimited access to your life.

• Ask God one time and from then on Believe.
The navy seals, the green berets, the top guns in God’s army pray this way. Real faith is to Refuse to settle for any other outcome than the one believed for. The only outcome is victory by way of unconditional surrender. We as believers should make no concessions, no negotiations, and no compromises with the enemy. To accept anything other than total victory is to doubt God.

• Transition from making decisions based on feelings, to those rooted in the word. You can either serve God or serve your emotions, but you can’t serve both.

• The power of faith is distributed through the mouth. Your mouth is a creative device designed to call forth the fruit of truth. Speak Like a champion! Adjust your mouth, until it aligns with victory. Your mind is the womb of your future, but your mouth is the birth canal.l


• Wars must be first won in the mind. Right thinking, sustained long enough, will bring peace and order to any situation.Truth is the chiropractor of the mind. Every day we need an adjustment to keep our spiritual spine aligned.

• Logic will not produce victory, but a mind aligned with the word will. Faith has nothing to do with being logical, practical, or rational. Those 3 things are rooted in the finite, but Faith is rooted in the infinite which grants you access to the unlimited. (All things are possible!)

• Adopt the vocabulary of a warrior. The words you verbalize are a direct reflection of the belief systems that you have internalized.
You words will prove to the world what God you truly serve, the God of doubt or the God Faith. We live, love, and experience through our vocabulary. If you want to change your life, first change your words. Tap into words that excite, uplift, and empower you. (Massive Breakthroughs, Complete Restoration, Financial Freedom, Absolute Emotional Liberation, Relationships that Set you on Fire.) When you say words like this you tap into another level of energy which allows you to approach live from a higher state of existence

• Stay focused on God’s promises, not your obstacles.
Your focus during the season of struggle will determine the level of peace that you experience.

• Paint the victory on the canvass of your mind, then take up residency there. Visions is the genesis of all greatness. What you seize in the mind, you will eventually seize in the body. Get a crystal clear, 4k, HD high resolution image in your mind for what you want your victory to look like. Make the vision so real that you can step into it. Make the victory so big that it won’t fit in your mind any longer. The only place it can go is into the physical

(MATT. 6:33, 1 CHRON. 16:11, PSALM 100:1-5)

• Self-assess daily to make sure nothing in your life is hindering God from moving. Small daily course corrections allow us to maintain the trajectory required for victory.

• Prayer, praise, and worship usher in the armies of God. Before an army sends it’s troops in, it softens up the enemy’s defenses with artillery first. Prayer, praise, and worship are the artillery of the believer. It’s our blitzkrieg, our lightning warfare that throws the enemy off balance.

• Create an environment conducive to success. In war, your Allies often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Examine your inner circle to see if these are the people that you want to go into war with.

• Love is the highway that miracles travel on. Love manifests Heaven on Earth now. Love changes everything it touches. It is the most powerful thing in existence. When we plug into this power, we become vessels of world change.


(GALATIANS 6:9, JAMES 5:11, ROMANS 5:3-4)

• Victory is a daily process.
When we try to shove too much of the future into our present, we become overwhelmed, over extended, and worn down. Tired armies become vulnerable and expose themselves to mistakes.

• Failure is not an option for us as believers. Find a WHY that you can run through walls with.

• Victory requires strategic planning. Commit thy works to the lord and thy thoughts shall be established. Sit down with God and let him show you your path to victory. (Health plan, Financial plan, Marriage plan etc.)

• Success must be scheduled.
Balance makes the warrior invincible. Balance is established on the foundation of these 5 things. Prayer time, reading the word, healthy food, exercise, and sleep.
Balance makes the warrior invincible!


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