WRATH OF THE WEST (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

Suffocating in the wrath of the west,

The sun burns with animosity 

Vibrant colors make love in the sky, but my bird continues to soar

How can one see wisdom with the eyes, while blindfolded with love

Doves seem to have a keen sense for dishonesty, unimpressed by the roar of our engines 

They’ve been flying for years, whispering above our caves

Warring with the heavens, darkness screaming to be heard

Artificial light, jealous of the glory of day

She’ll have to answer in the morning for her conniving ways   

On the wings of an eagle, who swapped throats with a lion

Her poor little baby, frightened by the clumsy stars

Electric skies mock the clouds, as the sun sits their dying 

Like Caesar, our captain just keeps on climbing 

Gravity losing it’s grip, her pull no longer supreme 

We invade the Empire of the sky, pillaging her rich air of gold

She stares back at us with unexplainable beauty 

I fell in love with the night, as she whispered freedom to me


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