WITHIN YOU (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

Why do you look to the sky for what’s already in your heart?

David’s God is living within you 

The ancient scriptures are the key to liberation 

But reading them with mortal eyes has caused you to make a prison of them 

Sterile are the hands of the sleeping

Deaf are the lost who die to man made doctrines 

Sunday service the needle that pokes out their eyes

Teachers teaching on things they’ve never experienced 

Preachers preaching on things they’ve never known

Begging, confused with prayer 

Gibberish, sold as Faith 

Citizens of the world all synchronizing in chaos 

As daddy sits there on the throne of silence 

We were designed to project the truths of the carpenter’s word 

No to beat the wounded with our condemnation  

Where there is no power, understanding is absent

The hell, fire, and brimstone you teach is rooted in fear

God does not want to scare his lil children, he wants to love them

Your years of learning has become the stumbling block

We must return to the mind of the child to sit on daddy’s lap

To hear the choir, one must still the thinking 

To see the light, one must know nothing 

Regurgitation is not the same thing as the anointing

Religion never healed anyone, it in only prolonged the suffering 

Let us not trade the whisper of God for the pride of seminary 

God cares not about the suit or dress you wear on Sunday 

He’s concerned with the depth of your conversation 

Heaven is blind to the sin that sinners point out 

Why do you look to the sky for what’s already in your heart?


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