What’s Your Dream?


Today, I went to Steve Jobs childhood home in Los Altos, California. Steve and Woz started Apple here in this small garage behind me. It’s amazing what people with vision can accomplish! Two ordinary guys, who didn’t come from money, got up every day and built an empire with their sweat. They held onto their dream of changing the world, until the world molded itself around the vision they were imagining.

Steve Jobs adopted the slogan “Think Differently” for Apple. This wasn’t just a catchy advertising line to him, it was the way he lived and approached life. The outside world, his industry, and the people around him, all thought he was crazy in the beginning. This guy heard the word NO thousands of times, but never let it deter him from accomplishing what he set out to do.

What’s your dream? Are you willing to get up and work everyday to make it a reality? Are you willing to hear the word NO thousands of times, but still keep pushing forward? Are you bold enough to Think Differently? May each and everyone of you reading this find your own dream to pursue, your own Apple to build, and your own perfect way to impact the world.

God Bless!
Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
Blessed And Unstoppable
Impact 1 Billion People
Jeremiah 29:11


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