WE ARE ONE – Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Stars don’t go blind staring at one another 

Their mutual respect becomes the envy of the sky

Those west Texas trees keep pumping black gold

I can see for miles, all the way to the soul of the horizon

My phone camera doesn’t do the sunset justice

Pride runs deep in the soil of God’s country 

I’m no match for this vicious August oven 

But as I wither away in salt rain, the sun whispers to me

Establishing the stillness, awareness begins to clean my eyes

Understanding rolls in like the tumble weeds

The wise cactus pricks my mind with revelation 

While cattle sing the secret harmonies of yesterday 

I gasp to breathe every aspect of what I’m experiencing   

But my lungs are overcome with the truth of heaven

Wrestling with our goodbye as I reach for the clouds 

Our parting ways just the illusion of our bodies 

We are one…


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