VISUAL TEQUILA (Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

In tribute to The Legend Frida Kahlo

Pain captured on the canvass of her heart 

There’s such an immense beauty in her madness 

Untamed ambitions that seek his loyalty

But her pig loves to dance in the mud

She breathes life into every room she enters

Dancing with other pigs to make hers jealous 

He paints visions of political revolution 

She paints portals to see her crippled soul 

They took her toes, which made her brush more violent 

But her energy remained still undeniably seductive

Her reds and greens screaming to be seen

Intimate with both genders, her lipstick unforgettable 

Tragic trauma that shattered her body

Just as did the choice of the one she married

Unaware that the pig was climbing into her sister 

Demon claws slashing at her gold genius 

Tormented by visions that consumed her paint

Art became the lover who was forever faithful 

Lust the element that awoke her colors

Even Leon succumbed to her eyes of fire

Honest brush strokes of passion and anger

She dripped her heartache onto the walls of eternity

All bow at the windows signed by Frida

We still get drunk from her visual tequila 


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