UNTIL LIFE HAS MEANING AGAIN (Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

My every move strategic,

I plot to destabilize you

Every time I say I love you first, 

your eyes fill with caribbean tears

My motive, is to let you taste the intensity of random affection

I shower you with unpredictable word hugs that feed your inner child

We both breakout with heat rash from the fire between us

Companies spend millions of dollars advertising their lingerie 

But nothing compares to you draped down in you

Your warm exposed skin waiting to be licked by a lion

My tongue kisses pure, I need nothing from you

There’s no manipulation or hidden agendas in my foreplay

I get everything I need from giving you the chills

We love from a foreign land unknown by others

We claw and scratch to find the soul beneath the flesh

I can finish your sentences before you even say them

I am the words that you describe life with 

Both of us seeking to cleanse our tainted thoughts 

The sheets our wash cloth

The pillows our shampoo

We bathe in desire, we eat from forbidden gardens 

My pallet consumed with the sugar of your language 

I’m the virgin stone seeking to rock your world

You look down at me with submission, as I chew on your flesh

Each striving to give more than the other, we tangle with pleasure

Full grown, but our fingertips lust with teen spirit 

Smashing into one another, drunk on Nirvana

What can I do babygirl to make you feel alive?

My lyrics the rod that penetrates your existence 

You wrap more than just your legs and arms around me

Your hopes and future hide in our destiny 

There’s just too much hunger in us to ever be lazy making love 

My fingers stroke the strings of your guitar 

My nails glide up and down the piano of your mind

Our bodies beat flesh like sticks do drums

Our rhythm ancient, unbeknownst to modern lovers

I long to be the bartender that quenches your thirst

Walls not required, the world is our bedroom 

One line of my phrasing equivalent to days of physical intimacy 

I know my role here

I’m the instrument of karma to rectify all the love you wasted 

All the faith that you gave away to slithering partners, who robbed your pantry

For all those who raped and pillaged your innocence, who crushed your dreams 

I’m here to settle the emotional score, to sow self worth back into a damaged queen

I’ve brought my dry erase board 

One by one, I shall wipe away their corrupted fingerprints from your reflection 

I shall find the you that you hid away

I will love the you that you threw away

Everyday, I will vindicate your lungs for choosing to seek air

I will be there under your skin scratching the emotions that itch

I shall run my fingers through your gorgeous hair, until you believe in love again 

Until you trust again, until all your insecurities melt into the horizon of yesterday 

Your wounded wings I will nurture with my eyes

Your distorted image, I will caress with my truth 

I will repaint your canvass until life has meaning again

I long to be the blood that you bleed

The tree that shades your heart from the vicious wrongs of this world 

I love the taste of me on your breath 

You know I’m too strong to let you run from this emotionally 

I place you in the center of your own vulnerability 

That’s the place that I choose to climb in you 

I move the mirror closer and closer, until you can feel the depth of our connection

Restrained with addiction, you cannot escape the immensity of what you see

Chained to my pleasure, you cannot run from my desires

Shackled to my passion, you slowly begin to heal

Our relationship makes you extremely uncomfortable, because you gave up on the dream of finding love long ago

But I stole you out of that dimension, so that we could live in the pyramids of romantic god’s

Their royal bed chambers whisper the secrets of unimaginable ecstasy  

What about your body love, are you most ashamed to show me?

Show me anyway, I’ll prove the foolishness of that insecurity 

Souls engaging in intimate truths can only appreciate what the world calls flaws

In this realm, you imperfections don’t exist 

They all burn away in the flame of our kiss 

Until life has meaning again…


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