TRUE LIBERATION! (Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Destiny believes in absolute equality, therefore every individual gets to experience the life their thinking deserves. It’s not our president, political parties, government officials, the police, or some secret privileged elite establishment that continues to enslaves us, but rather the inner dictators of our own minds. When we seek change by way of external means, we only fool ourselves into a deeper form of bondage.

The fullness of the emancipation proclamation, set in motion by President Lincoln in 1862, can only be experienced and enjoyed by those who understand where real liberation comes from. Those who have yet to awaken to this fact, will continue to remain shackled and imprisoned behind the iron bars of blind thinking.

Regardless of their promises, no civil rights organization, no political party, no presidential candidate, no dream team law firm, and no city rioting can usher in what only us as individuals have the power to do. Slavery, since the beginning of time, has proven over and over that she is ignorant of all color. She does not discriminate on who she wishes to enslave. Anyone who’s thinking will allow her to be their slave master, she will lash ruthlessly with her cruel whip of limitations. Her ownership can only be overthrown by the awareness of where her authority truly resides…the mind.

The true freedom riders of humanity will point us not to the voting polls of November, but rather to the liberating power residing within our skulls right now. Then, and only then, shall we know the truth behind the profound words of Dr. King’s speech… “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
Blessed And Unstoppable
(The Revolution)
Impact 1 Billion People
Jeremiah 29:11


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