THE WILD BEASTS – Dr. Billy Alsbrooks (Motivational Video)



The Wild Beasts

By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks



 POEM BY: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Ambassadors of anarchy, smashing rules that no longer serve us. 

They are the Bold thinkers ushering in the revolution of dreams. Misunderstood by the masses, fluent in the language of genius. Warring with complacent fools who cling to the glory of yesterday. Savage Interior designers, constructing life from within.

It will take them years to understand the wild beasts, and where they’ve been. 

Envisioning what could be, what others couldn’t see with mortal eyes. 

Daring and bold vagabonds, seeking refuge in the shadows of tomorrow. 

Wrestling violently with the paradigms of close minded bandits. History will vindicate their lust for change.

Masters of imagination, orchestrating the concertos of uprising. 

Madness of innovation, stubborn enough to take a stand.

Defiant rebels, armed with dangerous new thinking.

Radical ideas conceived well before their time.

Mutinous subversives ordained by the divine.

Fluent in the language of genius, but rejected by the blind.

Long Live The Wild Beasts!







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