The Offensive Blueprint For The Modern Church During Times of Crisis: By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks


I have gotten my heart broken over and over the past few days, by the spiritual leaders that I have looked up to for so long. Many of the great warriors of God around the world today have chosen to close the doors of their church out of fear, panic, and public peer pressure concerning the Coronavirus. During these crucial times that world seeks leadership, we as the church should be boldly and aggressively showing them the power of our Almighty God. Instead, many have chosen, bowed, and given their allegiance to the alter of the fear.

I have laid out below a 7 point template for the modern church to follow in times of crisis like this. This blueprint puts us on the offensive, allows us to exemplify the power of God, and will show the world how leadership is suppose to really look.

The Offensive Blueprint For The Modern Church During Times of Crisis:

1. Pray for divine wisdom, strength to lead, & opportunities to glorify the Kingdom of God. Seek spiritual warfare scriptures, memorize them, and be prepared at all times to use them.

2. Boldly & aggressively attack the enemy with unwavering faith. We are to never bow to the world’s fear or panic. Our trust in God is what separates us from the world. As Unstoppable Warriors of God, we are to be like the Marines and be the first to go into spiritual battle. In times of crisis, the doors of God’s church should never ever close under any circumstances. For us, there is NO Such Thing As Retreat! We should only know, and be concerned with offensive warfare.

3. Obey biblical laws first, regardless of the status quo, political correctness, or city/state/federal/world government commands.

4. Pray for the world, envision as a collective Christian body, the victory over the enemy and never think, imagine, or entertain otherwise. We must see the miracles in our mind first, before they will ever be realIzed in the physical. 

5. Invite the lost, broken, sick, and infected to come to us. If they won’t come or can’t come, then we should go to them. We are to Love, Heal, Feed, Protect, & Take care of the sick and those in need. As the word says, as believers we are to lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. Sickness has no dominion over us as true believers of God. For us to function in the full power that God has anointed us with, we must trust without a doubt, that he will protect us from all attacks by the enemy.

6. Unleash the power of our mouth, by speaking the word of God. We should sow life, call forth victory, and pronounce the healing over everyone we come into contact with. Fear, doubt, and panic have no place in the mind or mouth of the believer. Our conversations should be different than the world’s. (For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7)

7. Seek kingdom business/ financial opportunities to seize back influence in society. Panic and fear offer amazing discounted opportunities to invest in: TV stations, Newspapers, Magazines, Social Media Platforms, and Prime Real Estate to be used for future church purposes.

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
Blessed And Unstoppable
(The Movement)
Impact 1 Billion People
Jeremiah 29:11






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