THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Gliding across the edge of heaven,
floating snow beneath my bird.
I flirt with the splash paintings, showering her with words.
Thirty thousand Nike’s, chewing on the heights of nirvana.
Longing for the sandman, but fearful that I might miss something.
Her gentle touch of devotion, hugged by the arms of wind.
The broom of the witch, swats us with turbulence again
In awe of the majestic blues, I remain here restrained.
Free from all my troubles and gravity pains.

Sitting in her saddle, I gallop through the skies.
On an American bird, crammed packed with lambs.
As the sun sat quietly, like a good friend listening.
I dictated the sounds of angelic conversations.
Ice cream for the eyes, floating scoops of serenity.
Vessel of the clouds, I surf the afternoon.
Wiser with every mile, drinking her charm.
Like an addict coming down, I long for her again.
The edge of heaven…

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