THE DREAM LIVES ON (Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Poem: The Dream Lives On.

By: Dr Billy Alsbrooks

Genius rejected, validation denied.

Seeking approval from zombies who aren’t alive.

Opposing views collide, the dream lives on.

What’s so special about the masks that critics put on?

Gone, are the days that they ruled the gates.

Full speed ahead, who wants to wait?

Instigate, and massively disrupt their complacency.

No longer leading, the world is chasing me.

Facing me, onward to the glory of greatness.

They cling to safe ideas, worried I’ll replace them.

Genius rejected, the future will laugh.

Blind to vision, ignorant of the math.

A new path, exploring untraveled roads.

The foolishness of their closed minds exposed.

Composed, unaffected by their doubt.

Unintimidated, by their wealth and clout. 

Renown, unwilling to fold to lack.

No white flags, aggressively on attack.

Setbacks, seen as set ups for breakthroughs.

Work ethic insane, a lifetime of paying dues.

A change of venue, momentum courting the bold.

Sold, consistently smashing all those who oppose.

Chose, to fall deep in love with an idea.

One in a million, singing truth like Aaliyah.

The Dream Lives On…..

From Dr. Billy Alsbrooks Upcoming Book “BURNING: The Inner Symphony of Fire”


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