The Champion’s Daily Affirmation:

Nothing can stop me, because I Am a Champion. From this moment forward, I go to war against laziness, insignificance, mediocrity, being overweight, living financially limited, pretending to be someone else I’m not, and consistently under achieving. I will grind nonstop, by any righteous means necessary, until I completely eradicate all these enemies of greatness out of my life.

I vow to go all in, pursue my calling, chase my passion, and use the talents God gave me. My inner standard will consistently demand greatness. I vow to stay in my lane,

remain focused, and strive for excellence in everything I do.

I Pledge my full allegiance to success and from this point forward I will stay loyal to my dreams. Nothing can stop me, because I Am a Champion! When I Am done, the world will respect, honor, and remember my name forever.

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Blessed And Unstoppable

Fire Truth Music

Impact 1 Billion People 

Jeremiah 29:11


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