RAIN BABIES (Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Rain babies dying from the cold of your love

Listen to the birds as the mourn for mercy 

I’ve become the words I write on these blank pages 

What is keeping you from me?

Blame me for the sun going down on your parade 

But at least I feel alive in the rain

Envious of the full glass that sits in front of me

Summer never calmed the void of my emptiness 

I used to make love to your music 

Now I have affairs with the silence 

Who knew the still waters had so much to say 

Each word massaging the arthritis of my soul

I scream as the sky collapses upon me

Then I realize that the universe is just bowing to me

Who knew we had so much power hidden within 

Listen to the trees as they mourn for us all

As a young boy, I watched them draw circles 

My teachers sowing words over me that weren’t mine 

But they lit a fire in my virgin mouth 

They gave me the key to hidden secrets 

My pencil became Caesar, my paper Rome

Dangerous is the one unafraid to be alone

Do you hear the motives that stir these words?

The ambitions inside me make you restless 

Everyone is looking for something to steal 

Bandaids do nothing to feed the young 

I sense the winter coming for revenge 

Her and her wolves will eat you alive 

Sweet dreams O’ vicious one

You shall die before the pardon of spring 

The lemon sits proud in it’s own bitterness 

Rain babies dying from the cold of your love 


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