QUEEN OF THORNS (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Phantom tales of diamond city,
Her epic fall from romantic grace.
Accelerating toward the breaking point,
She resurrects the dragons of seduction.
Shattering the walls of modern Babylon,
Atomic habits destroying her potential.
Soft skies erupt with evening fire,
Souls dancing to the disco of love.

Lovers subject to Siberian winters,
Inheriting the ways of passion.
Explicit letters convey their loyalty,
His jealous ways rush to her defense.
Extremely vindictive to all that have hurt her,
She wears her crown like lingerie.
Seductive games of emotional warfare,
Chasing the lion who always eludes her.

Exhausted from the long road to mercy,
Insecurity penetrates her soul.
Compounding the mistakes with lust,
The thoughts of him make her vulnerable.
Breathless and shaking in the web of her own making,
Abandoned by all she holds dear.
Waves of temptation devouring her mind,
The queen of thorns sits crying in the forest.


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