OVERCOME WITH RED (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



POEM BY: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Gentle terrorism, Violent Compassion.

Lusting for Power and to Rule the Globe.

Wild Hope, Stoic Chaos.

The Flaws of Man corrupting pure ideology.

Cold summers, Scorching Winters.

RED ideas struggling to give birth.

Steel flesh, Iron Lies.

Revolution spreading like a VIRUS of the mind.

Selfish Charity, Stingy Giving.

Infant political icons discovering themselves.

Cherished Trash, Truthful Lies.

The Monster you’ve created will eat it’s own.

Blind Clarity, Wicked Innocence.

Speaking with such intoxicating energy, having Sex with the crowd.

Timid Unwavering, Shaky Convictions.

Your 3 Headed Beast will feast on the East.

Murdering Saviors, Stubbornly Unsure.

Savage Prisons hosting the enemies of Progress.

Authentic Illusions, Chains of Gold.

Hungry poor people Selling their Souls.

Passive Resistance, Slaves in Authority.

The Elite’s double standard for them and their Families.

Accepted Rejection, Big Truthful Lies.

Revolution spreading like a VIRUS of the mind.

Overcome With RED…


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