NOTHING IS EVERYTHING Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

Nothing is everything said the red mistress, her lips drip scandal

His blonde got the trophy, but she got his truth

They pay to breathe his ego, but her love is on sale 

Her skin tastes like cigarettes, and he just loves that nicotine

Her legs like pythons, squeezing his soul 

Pulling him deeper into the forbidden palace

Liquor on their breath, they enjoy the immoral

Mocking the sacred vows of eternal fidelity 

Guilt a stranger from some far away land

They seek the shadows and the rush of getting caught 

Steamy embraces that make others uncomfortable 

But this is their world, and they just  love it here 

Bold fools that kiss each other’s lies

Showering after, in the warm water of erotic 

Lies to cover lies, they sing them like hymns

Their dangerous appetites jeopardize more than just them

Nothing is everything…


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