MISFITS OF HUNGER (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Sadness, the hidden source of genius.

Envied by the world, longing for what is merely an illusion.

Common people, claiming to have the same stomach and desire.

Lip service, no action to back up their statements.

Commitment, a foreign language to the nation of commons.

In denial, claiming to be equal in ability.

Believing they are entitled to what others had to work for.

Sweat qualifies the legend, truth is the couture.

Oblivious, unaware of the great struggles that were conquered.

To achieve the outcomes the world has so romanticized.

Laziness, infected with the plague of average.

Married to mediocrity, delusional to the point of fooling themselves.

Hollow, void of the inner substance required for success.

Overdressed, to hide the insecurities of underachievement.

Infatuated with accolades, gold championship belts.

Wanting the title, but too scared to climb in the ring themselves.

Big things, they shout their impotent words.

Unimpressed, they fall on the deaf ears of destiny.

Greatness, seeks a loyal groom to marry.

She calls from the mountain that they’re too scared to climb.

Serenading, her echoes seeking endless love.

Until they ricochet off the soul of the brave.

Stirred, her call answered by thunder.

Another legend born to the misfits of hunger.

From The Upcoming Book

BURNING: The Inner Symphony of Fire


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