MARRY THE EVERLASTING – Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

There is such a thinking, that crumbles all walls

There is such a mind, that no obstacle dare stand in the way of

The spirit cannot dance to two opposing tunes

It must choose between the truth or the approval of strangers 

The pursuit of acceptance wraps one in mortal flesh 

The thirst for real allows the soul to rise above death 

Our lungs must decide the type of air they wish to breathe 

The sweet taste of the temporary, or the bitter flavor or immortality 

Those who seek comfort, who live for the applause of others

These ignorant minds court the death of praise

Those who chase the dark, who shun the rules of sheep

These brave minds serenade the power of greatness 

Our eyes cannot bow to two opposing visions 

Destiny must be chosen, it’s not inherited 

Our veins cannot pump death and life at the same time

To bleed truth is to marry the everlasting 

What others run from, disqualifies them from Heaven 

What others run to, secures their place in nirvana 

The flaws that you own are the keys to the timeless 

The truth that you acknowledge will open the gates of the forever 

Marry the everlasting…


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