MAKE WAY FOR THE YOUNG (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

The small boxes they use to put us in

The petty labels they use to define us

The ignorant ways they attempt to frame us

How much should the small, petty, and ignorant really bother us?

We need not ask for permission, to be that which we are

We need not seek approval, to dream the dream we’ve been given

We need not beg for validation to breathe the air that excites us

Would getting their permission, their approval, their validation give us the high that we so desperately seek?

I’ve never seen fire asking for permission to burn

I’ve never heard the sun seeking the sky’s approval to rise

I’ve never known LOVE to beg for validation to fall

What if like fire, we just burned?

What if like the sun, we just rise?

What if like LOVE, we just fell without any concern over the small minds that might reject us?

What if we got it all wrong?

What if instead, we sought to be misunderstood?

What if we aggressively sought rejection?

What if we intentionally sought the disapproval of those who have never achieved anything?

How much better would this world world be?

How much more alive would this planet be?

How much better off would mankind be, if we danced to the music inside of us, instead of the harmony of their contempt?

What if it wasn’t water and oxygen that made life possible, but rather the boldness to shun conformity?

What if the reason the moon seems so lifeless is that it’s ancestors succumb to the fear of public ridicule?

What if instead of saying we are thirsty for change, we started drinking from the cup that actually produced it?

Make way for the young….


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