LOST IN GOTHAM (Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

An ember in the ashes, the crescendo of silence.

Ambitions of redemption, I pursue life with purpose.

Savage people, singing their savage songs.

Beautiful are the harmonies, and pleasures of wrongs.

Press on, truth is in the forever.

Crimson flowers, blooming in dark weather.

A million tries, an ancient language revived.

Glowing with satisfaction, hugging you from the inside.

Unshaken by the fallout, forbidden is the life.

Frost bitten in the desert, burning with ice.

Dreamers choking, on songs from the deep.

Broken things, from broken people incomplete.

Bittersweet, ask the big mouth ugly girl.

Brothers and sisters, explore the new world.

Tormented with routine, dark is the light.

The candles of dreamology, navigating the night.

Leading the broken, prophet of fire.

Tainted moments, searching for the empire.

Shimmer and burn, an ember in the ashes.

In love with shadows, divine glasses.

Breathless angel, gorgeous is the struggle.

Love everlasting, the torch of trouble.

Thirsty for more, bursting at the seams.

Lost in Gotham, anointed king of dreams.

From The Upcoming Book 

BURNING: The Inner Symphony of Fire 


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