Keys to Your Success in 2020


Keys To Your Success In 2020:

The bigger the dream or goal,  the more it must be broken down into small manageable pieces. Decide what’s most important to you, what God has anointed you to do, and what sets you on fire inside? Then build everything u do in 2020 around those. 

The key to your success will be learning to say no to the things that pull you away from your goals. Success requires saying no to 90% of the things that come at you. Some things that come to you in 2020 will be good opportunities, but not necessarily great ones. With a full schedule like you have, you will must be really diligent to watch over what you allocate your time to. Only give time to the great, and to the things that will cultivate an environment for greatness to thrive.

Remember this:

Greatness requires learning to own the dark. When you can keep moving forward, even when your physical eyes see no evidence of your dream manifesting, then and only then will you qualify for greatness.

I pray that 2020 is your best year yet!

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

Blessed And Unstoppable

(the Movement)

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Impact 1 Billion People 

Jeremiah 29:11


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