How Believers and The Church Should Carry Themselves During Times of Crisis: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks


I did some research today, on how the leader of the reformation, Martin Luther, handled himself during the breakout of the deadly plague back in the 1500s. I read up on the messages he taught, the approach he took to ministering, and how he thought the leaders of the church should carry themselves during times of crisis.

The deadly plague, during his time, was responsible for wiping out half the population of Europe. Supposedly 30-90% of those who became infected with it, died from it. I screen shot a few photos from a book I was reading on his views of the church leaders and the Black Death as it was called.

As leaders in the army of God, we are to exhibit aggressive and bold faith to the masses who have been overcome with this modern day plague of panic. I’m not against taking common senses precautions such as closing schools, canceling sporting events, and rescheduling concerts. However, the doors of the church should NEVER be closed during times of crisis such as now. It sends the wrong message about our God, our faith, and it leaves us with no real credibility to minister after this season of trial has ended.

I’ve searched and searched the entirety of scripture for any reference or time that Jesus ran from the sick, avoided the sick, or prevented them from coming to him. There are none. It was actually the opposite. He aggressively sought out those who couldn’t or weren’t able to come to him. He met them wherever they were and displayed the power of God. His faith and bold trust in God attracted the masses from all the lands. I’ve heard so many believers say how bad they we want to see the types of miracles God worked in the Bible, but yet when the perfect opportunity arises for God to perform them through us, we bow to fear and doubt. People in the church and outside the church will remember what we do during this crisis, so let’s make sure it represents our God in a way befitting of his power and glory. #NeverShutTheDoors

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