HAVE YOU EVER LOVED LIKE THIS? (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

We are suffering machines seeking oil for our hearts
The allure of contradiction the symphony of our bedroom
Innocence burned away in the fire of intimacy
Our spirits groaning from traumatic pasts
Arms tired from carrying emotional luggage
Still scarred from the sudden death of trust
Overcome with the thirst of being understood
We die to the thought of ever going back

Your hands seeking the hidden handles on the sheets you lay on
Passion consuming us with such savagery
Without apology, we enslave our minds to pleasure
We’ve become vampires sucking the truth from one another
Our teeth aggressive weapons of passion
Swallowing the opium of the forbidden
It feels so right to be wrong like this
I long to find the bottom of you

Steadily we move towards the armageddon of lust
Our resistance no match for this barbaric energy
I ravish you as I penetrate the mysteries of your soul
Lost in the romantic illusion of thinking we have control
Neither of us stand a chance at taming seduction
Our sweat watering the sheets that conspire with us
Starving tongues taste their way to addiction
I obsess to breathe in unison with you
Clinging to the last gasp of a dying hope
This atomic attraction murders the mundane
Have you ever loved this way???


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