Fire Truth Music in Relationships


Fire Truth Music in Relationships:

Real and lasting relationships require both individuals to agree and commit to a standard of authenticity, compassion, and emotional vulnerability. To be equally yoked, all individual pride must die, all games must cease, and all conversations must be rooted in truth. 

When the natural urge to run from a difficult subject arises, that urge must be ignored and boldly faced head on. Each individual should strive to establish an unshakeable foundation of trust with the other, for a relationship’s potential and ceiling is always equivalent to it. 

The times where one seems to have an emotional advantage over the other, the desire to personally capitalize or manipulate has to be shunned, in exchange for protecting their partner’s well being. Relationships thrive on transparency, which means all emotional walls must come down, all curtains must be pulled back, and all past transgressions must be remembered no more. 

Both parties should aggressively pursue sowing life over one another, building and uplifting each other’s confidence, and expressing sincere devotion towards one other. By unleashing honesty, cultivating a safe environment to be vulnerable, and seeking first to understand the other, no enemy of this relationship assembly can prevail. 

The fruit of the above dynamic is an intense connection, an all consuming passion, and a deep liberating love that surpasses all understanding. The unity and mental bond that is formed, from consistently applying this selfless relationship standard, is infinite and eternal. For those who have yet to experience this addictive drug personally, the best way to describe it is fire and music.

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Blessed And Unstoppable

Impact 1 Billion 

Jeremiah 29:11


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