“Fear and panic cannot be compartmentalized, they will seek to spread, disrupt, and invade every corner of our earthly existence. Unwavering faith is the cure, the vaccine, and the kryptonite that will usher in victory. The side effect of this type of bold belief is the restoration of peace and order.” 

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

For 7 long torturous years, I struggled with panic attacks and ptsd. It robbed and stole from me everything I had ever worked for. The majority of my friends left, I lost my identity, and on the inside I was shattered to a million pieces. I feared dying so much, that I refused to live for nearly a decade. I went from standing on stage rocking the mic in front of 20,000 people, to being locked up in my bedroom for two weeks at a time too scared to come out. I ran to the emergency room in panic 12 times in 9 months thinking I was dying. I said to my loved ones, what I thought were my last words over 30 times. No one called it social distancing then, but I disappeared and distanced myself from the entire world. The walls closed in, the darkness came upon me, and on the inside I felt truly alone.

I hit rock bottom the seventh year after trying everything I knew to heal myself. I prayed, went to 6 or 7 therapists, took medication, rejoined the church, got baptized, went to group therapy, grief share, bible study groups, volunteered for things at church, read all I could on the mind and how it works, and none of it healed me. Desperate, broken, and scared, I was finally at the end of me.

In the lowest moment of my life, I turned to God out of desperation and cut a deal with him. I said God, I’ve got nothing else to give you, everything has been taken. You are my only hope. If you heal me, I promise to go out and tell the world who did it. God faithfully heard me and that prayer that I prayed, and out of his love he began to heal me. It wasn’t a fast overnight instant miracle, but it was a slow recovery perfectly designed to prepare me for my part of the deal. He sent me the right therapist, he increased my faith, he gave me back control over my mind, he restored me financially, and he anointed me with a powerful global calling to impact the world. 

In these troubling times of today, I am bold and fearless, because I know first hand that my God Still Moves! I learned from that ruthless 7 year war, how to fight spiritually, how to stare down the shadow of death, and how to overcome the illusions of our little earthly enemy. Faith was never designed to be passive, we are to be aggressive even in the waiting. I have been preaching for the past three years, that we are to get out of the pews of these luke warm impotent church buildings that have made us spiritually fat, lazy, and comfortable, and instead launch the aggressive offensive revolution of undeniable faith across the globe. We have the power of almighty God residing on the inside of us, we have the spiritual authority to usher in desperately needed change, and the time has come for us to exercise that authority, so that we can exemplify his goodness to the world.

In this time of trial, we cannot run our way to victory, we must stand our ground as believers and fight! We are the church, the church is not a building. However the church building is symbolic, and must always signify the love and power of God. We must never shut the doors of the church, but instead we must get in the ring with the beast that the rest of the world is too scared to face. We must all become like King David, and scream who dare come against the name of the Lord! We must be brave for all of mankind, we must never retreat, we must sling our rocks of faith towards Goliath’s vulnerable head, until all the world knows that God still lives!

I gave approximately 2,500 days of my life away to fear, I refuse to give away another moment to my spiritual enemy by way of cowardice. I will not bow down to fear and panic anymore, nor will I run from my responsibility to fulfill the promise I made to God back years ago. I won’t let life live me, I will live life! I was strategically designed for the struggle, I was chosen for this very moment in time to lead and I gladly accept this kingdom responsibility.

Every believer in the world right now should be on the attack, displaying to the world what faith really looks like! Some will call us crazy, some will call us fools, but one thing they will never call us is doubters! As believers, We are to lead from the front, radiate unwavering leadership, and show the world the way to peace and stability during moments of crisis like these. Arise prayer warriors, arise champions of faith, arise unwavering believers…. We don’t run from hell, we bring heaven to it!

God Still Moves!!!!!!

Dr. Billy Alsbooks 

Blessed And Unstoppable

(The Revolution)

Impact 1 Billion People

Jeremiah 29:11


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