Do You Know The 12 Steps To Being A Successful Entrepreneur?


The 12 Steps To Being A Successful Entrepreneur:

By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

The 12 Steps To Being A Successful Entrepreneur: (By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)

  1. In all decisions, Seek God First.
  2. Be yourself and Align with truth and authenticity in everything you do.
  3. Stop following the sheep and Think differently.
  4. Dream Big and develop the vision, (your mental blueprint) for the life you desire.
  5. Set yourself on fire with passion and build around that.
  6. Seek to solve problems for others. Package your passion in a way that adds tremendous value to others.
  7. Detach yourself from hourly pay, and replace it with value based compensation.
  8. Deliver that value with leverage, so that you can reach the masses.
  9. Stay in your lane, and partner with people who offset your weaknesses.
  10. Only allocate your time and resources to things that produce results.
  11. Adopt the process mindset with the understanding that success is NOT a sprint, it’s a marathon. (IT’S CHESS NOT CHECKERS)
  12. Tell the world one time what you are going to do, then Grind (GR7ND) and Execute!

Go Get it!
Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
Jeremiah 29:11


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