DEATH TO ILLUSIONS – Dr. Billy Alsbrooks (Best Motivational Speeches)




By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks


As a motivational artist, I’ve been passionately working on some ground breaking material. I’ve been testing the edge and experimenting with different ways to marry motivation, personal development, psychology, ministry, and poetry all into one style of work. Each week, the artistic fire on the inside of me has been intensifying, as I develop this new soul arousing genre. The more I pursue the creative roads that have never been traveled, the more I’ve discovered about myself. On this profound thought provoking message, I combine multiple elements of inspirational intensity to stir the soul, prep the mind for greatness, and ignite the power that’s lying dormant in each and every one of us. The cinematic music underneath is bold, unpredictable, and extremely aggressive. It will take you on a powerful journey through the depths of your emotions, initiate massive breakthroughs, and increase your faith at the same time.

May God Bless You Always,

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Blessed And Unstoppable

Impact 1 Billion People 

Jeremiah 29:11


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