CONFRONT THE WHISPERS (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

What truth in your life do you have the hardest time confronting?
Those perverted whispers won’t go away
They’ll just keep getting louder and louder, until they crescendo into tyranny
Whether we acknowledge it or not, what we hide in the closet still exists
Avoidance turns the shadow into the boogie man
Our mouths to afraid to tell the emperor the truth
Cowardice, his nakedness symbolic for the things we won’t address
We were only designed to die once
So why do we insist on murdering ourselves daily
Better to destroy the peace, than suffocate in silence
Stare down the harlequins that occupy the inner room
Expose the inner roaches that spread insecurity
Let the symphony of your heart illuminate the hidden
Listen to the wisdom in her melody, as it unties the knots of your soul
You must respond to the voices, or they will seek to take over
Appeasement only multiplies the darkness
What bones have you buried in your backyard?
I hear that Home Depot has a sale on shovels
Don’t let the rain clouds deter you from doing what you must do
Sooner or later, these Covid masks must come off
That stranger lying next to you every night is you
Maybe it’s time that you two get acquainted
What truth in your life do you have the hardest time confronting?


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