CHILDREN OF MADNESS (Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)


Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

Lusting to sink their teeth into steel flesh
Starving airbrushed wolves stalk the trail of lambs
Relentless northern waves pound the desert of exile
While the gambler of the forest wears a darker shade of rose
Sympathy wanes for the compulsive liar
He cannot escape the truth of his lies
67 patients wrestling with insanity
Their forgotten souls sentenced to barbaric treatment
Barefoot thoughts dancing on naked razors
Causing unbearable migraines that sing parables of wisdom
Young confused lovers, stare at their dead victims
Bleeding with arrogance, no hard feelings they say

Shaken by reality, crazies run the yard
Their hard truths die slow to the voice of rejection.
Traversing the damp half lit rooms of despair
While Psychotic harmonies taunt their sanity
Life has it’s detours, just as white has her bride
Who can climb the cliffs of remorse with a knife in their side
Hidden away in secret mind caves
Huddled around fires to warm the wounds of pain
Bewildered souls, fondled by ghosts
Boasting of a tomorrow that doesn’t exist
Divine hands reaching out of the trees
With familiar fingertips that we have known for centuries
Children of madness…


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