BY THE WATER (Poem By Dr. Billy Alsbrooks)



Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks 

I hear the music clear by the water 

Mean grey clouds sit restless in the sky 

3 precious white birds encourage me to listen 

Amnesia dissipating as I slowly regain my memory 

The notes pure, your music forever honest 

Rooted deep as the old trees I seek shade under 

Rain massaging my spirit with peace 

Sing your secrets as I sit by the water

My life to this point, a song that I don’t believe 

Written in a language that no musician can read 

I’ve searched the world for what was in my backyard 

I sought to find you by becoming something 

This was the stumbling block to our reunion 

Everything is nothing, and from nothing came everything

Until I lost myself, I could not find myself 

But now I am a stranger to the man in the mirror 

Can you hear what can’t be heard?

Can you understand what can’t be understood?

The teacher is the student that knows the wind

Inside the eye, silence kisses me with direction

She leads me down into the depths of me

I begin to smell the aroma of eternity 

My orchestra passionately playing the everlasting 

I hear the music clear by the water.


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