BENDING THE RAYS OF LOVE Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks


Poem By: Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
“Inspired by the Struggles of Salvador Dali”

Horrible company, but they share the music
Their classic duet resurrects
the ashes
Bending the rays of love into perversion
Succumbing to the revolution of debauchery
Hiding their truth behind kisses in the alley
Plastic personas melting into passion
Laughing at society’s conservative ways
They are servants to the bonfire of attraction

No redactions, bold action without apology
Anomaly of romance born again in love
Separated souls, prisoners in different dimensions
Expensive are the minutes that they spend apart
Hearts that accelerate, warring with the subconscious
Who are the lovers down on immoral lane?
Liars that lay with the young boys of sire
Moon walking through time on boots of fire

To timid to reveal the real things they crave
They are slaves to their restless desires
In the late hour, they indulge in the forbidden
Once bitten, to ashamed to ever stop
Their nails digging into one another’s flesh
Distortions that turn chaos into meaning
Leaning on the edge of deconstruction
While painting their genius with the color of seduction
Bending the rays of love…


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